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We provide academic systems and educational solutions for schools of all sizes


We are a group of educators, engineers, and entrepreneurs who share the same global vision for transforming education in every way. We come from diverse backgrounds and from all corners of the world, but our mutual passion is education.  We have seen schools struggle in staying current with technology and we have decided to help.

Together, we have built solid academic systems that allow small schools the ability to function with the technological resources of larger ones and we have helped larger ones offload their technology related burdens and free up precious resources so that they can focus on what is most important: their students.


Trinity Academic is devoted to excellence in developing, and providing technological resources for schools around the world.

  • International focus – our partners are found all over the world

  • Educationally focused – everything we do is to benefit your school

  • People first – we seek to keep lasting relationships

Our platforms are designed so that students can take courses or interact with their peers right from the comfort of their own home.


Our Mission is to provide schools (small – large) with effective, affordable software and hardware solutions so that they can best provide quality education to their students.

We believe that education shouldn’t cost a fortune and running quality academic systems should not require massive loans in order to run effectively.  We believe that professors and administrators should have more time available for teaching instead of running platforms, troubleshooting or fundraising for an academic system that costs too much, provides too little and doesn’t offer what it says.

We think of ourselves first as partners.  Our commitment to your organization is to partner with you, to help you navigate the often difficult field of academic systems and to provide for you the best answers and solutions that will fit the needs of your school.




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