This is our area of largest impact and our specialty at Trinity Academic.  We work with schools, partners and strategic vendors to produce capable, scalable and affordable school portals that provide everything a school could use including:

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Another area of specialization for us is our library work. Through our strategic relationships to publishers as well as software providers, we can work with your school to implement the software as well as resources to make your library complete.

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We know that around the world, accreditation is a very big impactor in a school’s success, so we partner with you strategic consultants to help get your school the accreditation it needs. While we cannot provide you with actual accreditation, we have worked with schools in numerous countries so that they can obtain accreditation. Two specific areas in which we help are defined in consulting and technology.

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We know that it is important to not only build but maintain systems. That is why we bring one of our strategic partners to the forefront in providing ongoing monthly and yearly support for your school. Through these relationships, your systems can remain updated and running smoothly.