Our partners are ready to work side-by-side with you.

Through out the years, we have established many wonderful relationships with our trusted vendors. Together, we have built solid academic systems that allow small schools the ability to function with the technological resources of larger ones and we have helped larger ones offload their technology related burdens and free up precious resources so that they can focus on what is most important: their students. We view our vendors as great partners as we shared the same goal and passion and we are here to provide solutions for your school.

Through our unique partnership with United Academic Technology, schools around the world are provided highly integrated education learning system including Global Website Portal, Live Digital Broadcasting and E-Learning Platform.

Alexandria is a global academic archive that is available to any partnership school. Resources are available in many languages and partners make additions constantly.

Alexandria is also a global collaboration tool in that new papers and research published by partner schools are immediately available in the archive.

Black Belt Consulting (BBC) is a group of security engineers and project managers with over 20 years of experience IT Network working. BBC is one of the top recommended managed security service providers (MSSP) for the layered security built into all their projects.

BBC learned about Trinity Academic’s passion for education and has decided to come forward to partner with us and ensure all the participate schools are protected with multilayered defense and constant security monitoring to ensure that nothing is able to get through schools’ network.

Our philosophy for partnership

Inspired By Excellence Driven By Passion

International focus

Our partner schools are found all over the world.

Work with passion

It’s our greatest reward to see schools provide quality education and grow.

People first

We seek to keep lasting relationships.